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Oldskull Express Collection Vintage Designs

We’re going to look at the design influences of Oldskull’s t-shirts and spend some time breaking them down into different categories - which all have an element of vintage t-shirt style and look. We’ll also look at some common features that all the t-shirts have like material and fit.  

Oldskull designs are all applied to the t-shirt through digital heat transfer sublimation process which transfers the image directly onto the t-shirt fibers instead of being applied on top like a silk screen t-shirt. By using a heat transfer sublimation process the design becomes part of the shirt and will never crack or peel off, and you will never feel it when wearing the t-shirt. This combined with the smooth soft fitting super soft TC (Tetron Cotton) material makes Oldskull Express Collection t-shirts one of the most comfortable shirts you'll have worn.

All of the of the t-shirts in the Oldskull Express Collection have a crew-neck, tapered athletic fit, fitted sleeves and extra length in the torso (keep your butt crack covered). The Tetron Cotton Material is soft fitting and light making the t-shirt great for everyday wear,  warm weather as well as a base layer under a button up or jacket. The extra length in the waist even lets you tuck it in and wear it under a blazer if you want to get fancy.

Anyways, let’s look a some of the different t-shirt design styles of the Oldskull Express Collection:

Cars, Motorcycles, & Racing T-shirts

-Vintage car t-shirt: Shelby Cobra

The vintage blue shelby cobra t-shirt available in top dry grey is our best vintage car t-shirt. The classic looking Oldskull logo combined with the Japanese font beneath the blue shelby cobra work great on the darker grey for this t-shirt.  

-Vintage camper van t-shirt: Campervan Classic

The vintage camper van t-shirt has always caught peoples eyes and been a favorite.  The combination of the bold hand lettering Oldskull logo in red paired with the red vintage campervan and Japanese font below come together perfectly. Presenting: the campervan classic vintage van t-shirt!

-Vintage Japanese motorcycle racing t-shirt: Acidrock Racing

Another top dry grey Oldskull Express Collection t-shirt. Acidrock racing features a vintage Honda motorcycle with different font in English and Japanese. If you are looking for a vintage motorcycle t-shirt with Japanese design elements this is for you.   

-Deconstructed motorcycle t-shirt: Acid Moto

Another motorcycle t-shirt, but this time it’s a deconstructed motorcycle which looks pretty cool. Acid moto features minimal clean font with the deconstructed motorcycle image is featured more prominently.

Animals and Animal Head t-shirts

Tiger head t-shirt: Eyes of The Tiger

Eyes of The Tiger: this t-shirt has an aggressive looking tiger head design combined with an Oldskull badge and Oldskull in Japanese font bellow.   

Black Panther head t-shirt: Infinity Panther

The Infinity Panther t-shirt features some bright colors and old style hand drawn font. This is the tee you need if you’re looking for a vintage black panther t-shirt  

Owl flying t-shirt: Owl Wild Tribe

A t-shirt with light blue asian characters and a red and purple tribal design with two owls flying above everything. Nice bright colors for this owl t-shirt.

Snake Scissors t-shirt: Sneak Peek

This t-shirt is pretty creative. The main design is a pair of scissors that has each blade change into a pair of greens snakes. Sneak Peak uses a bold clean font similar to other t-shirts in the Acid group of the Express Collection.

Wild snow Cat racing t-shirt: Yokohama Automatics


This t-shirt is primarily in blue and red shades and prominently features an interesting looking wild snow cat/Lynx sort of creature. Displaying the Oldskull 82 this t-shirt has elements of a racing jersey.

Alright that’s enough for today. Check back soon for another review of different types of Oldskull Express Collection vintage style t-shirts.


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